Santos is a 32 year old husband and father. He was born and raised in Honduras, and still lives there with his family.

While growing up, Santos has always been involved in farming and has learned the tricks of the trade. About five years ago he started his own farm on which his grows his own produce. He currently grows beans and coffee which he sells from home and also at his local market.

Santos has been very successful in growing his crops. He has requested a loan to be able to pay for laborers to harvest the beans and to remove the weeds from around the coffee plants. He is hoping to maximize his production and have very little waste.

Santos' main goals in life right now is to be able to provide his four children with an education and also provide for his family's daily needs. 

Santos in his home.

Having already put his loan to good use, Santos has seen an increase of income and has already begun to repay his loan. Everyone at Mission Belt Co loves hearing stories like Santos' and we are confident that he will continue to find success through his hard work.

The co-founders of Mission Belt Co have had the opportunities to travel all over the world and wanted to do something about all the poverty and hunger they saw. That's why they decided to give a dollar for every single Mission Belt they sold. Thank you to everyone who has supported the mission by purchasing one of our "No Holes Belt".

June 19, 2013 — Wes Moss