We love happy customers. Here's a story from one of them:

I have the best belt ever. I have always had an issue with belts; most are pretty mundane and nothing special. They always wear out fast and half the time they never fit properly. Now you can get a custom fit, a perfect fit every time you put it on because the mission belt is totally adjustable.


My new belt is totally incredible. It has no holes and it looks good even after 2 months of wearing it every day. I am so blown away by this belt that it is the only brand I plan on ever buying, especially if Mission Belt Co. comes out with more styles. They have the best fit and finish, and when you consider the price point, it’s a no brainer. It is probably the supplest and wonderful leather I have ever owned on any product. The quality is second to none. And it gives the perfect fit.


I bought the black belt and it’s pretty versatile. I have worn mine with a tux, a suit and even shorts. I have had people ask me about it several times while wearing it. One guy at the gym asked me about it as I was dressing. He got on line on his phone and bought one right there.


It has a ratcheting mechanism that makes the belt very strong and tough. It is a slide belt that has bite technology. It allows you to have the perfect fit because it adjusts to the nearest ¼’’ instead of every inch. Most belts are like broken watches, they are only right 2 times a day. This belt is always on cue and gives you the perfect fit.


When I got my belt, it was obvious how great it looked, but wearing it is the real testament. Once you do, you will find that nothing else works as well and nothing fits as well either. I would recommend the belt to anyone and I have.


The perfect fit can be yours too. Go to www.themissionbelt.com and get yours. Buy all three. With free shipping the mission belt is a bargain. The Mission Belt Co. also gives $1 for each belt purchased to help families build sustainable food sources. We really care and want to make a difference, and you can too.


July 28, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts