Yunes is a a mother of four children who lives in Kenya. She works very hard to support her family and has become a "jack of all trades" when it comes to her work.

The largest source of her income is her farm where she grows and produces milk, maize, beans, and coffee. She has been farming for over 30 years and has become very good at planting, growing, and harvesting. She supplements her income by running a hotel in her local community.

Yunes has requested a loan to expand her dairy unit and to also purchase poultry to raise and sell. 

Yunes near her farm

Because of the poor development of her local market, selling her goods is difficult and sometimes not very profitable. She hopes to help improve the quality of her local market by bringing high quality produce and goods.

The Mission Belt Co is very proud to have been able to help Yunes. She has almost paid back half of her loan and is doing well. Her hard-working attitude is something that is inspiring to us and we hope to help people like her and her family around the world.

You can join in on our mission by purchasing a Mission Belt! We give a small portion of the profits of every belt we sell to people who are looking to improve their life, but just need a little help. It's not a hand out, it's a hand up. Thank you for everyone who has purchased one of our belts and has helped us in our goals to end hunger and poverty!

May 15, 2013 — Wes Moss