Makhabat is a 45 year-old wife and mother who lives in May Village, Kyrgyzstan. A master at farming and animal husbandry, Makhabat put all her money into starting her business to provide for her family. She has been working hard for the last two years and hopes to see her farm grow.

For profit she sells onions, carrots, and fresh milk from her cows. With the loan she requested she plans to purchase more dairy cows to that she can sell more milk which is in high demand in her area.

Makhabat and one of her dairy cows

Hoping to increase her profits, Makhabat is working hard so that she can save money to send her children to school. She would also like to purchase more land to plant peppers. The Mission Belt Co is proud of Makhabat and her efforts to build for herself and her family a better quality of living.

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May 13, 2013 — Wes Moss