Duaa is a married woman who lives with her husband in Zarqa, Jordan. She is described as being a creative and hard-working woman by the people in her community.

She has found herself a nice little niche in her local area by breeding and selling different kinds of exotic birds. Duaa has found a lot of success in her business and as such the demand for her birds has grown. With the expansion of her business, she needs a loan to purchase more birds for breeding and selling. She hopes to further expand her business buy buying space for a store in town.

Duaa and some of the birds she sells

With the loan, Duaa has already been purchase more birds to supply the high demand. She is very grateful for the help that she attained through Kiva, and has already begun to repay her loan. The Mission Belt Co have been proud to support Duaa in her efforts to grow her business, and are very pleased to see her success.

Every time a Mission Belt is sold, we take a dollar of the profits and give it to someone around the world who needs support in reaching their goals. Please help support our mission in giving a hand up, not a handout to people like Duaa by purchasing one of our awesome belts!

May 10, 2013 — Wes Moss