32 year-old Salam is from Iraq and is currently in the retail business. He is a single man, and lives with his family near his store.

Salam has become familiar with the needs of the people in his area, and has become successful in the retail business. His knowledge of the products he sells has given him a good reputation with the customers in his areas and also in surrounding areas. He sells cosmetics, shampoos, and accessories.

He is currently paying back a loan in which he used to buy more products for his business. His goal in doing so is to be able to better provide for his family, and improve their quality of living.

 Salam in his store. (Face blurred for privacy)

Salam and his family have been very grateful for the loan and have almost repaid half of it already. His business better than it already was and he looks to continue to make improvements. None of this would be possible without the help of those who have purchased a Mission Belt.

The Mission Belt Co. takes great pride in supporting people like Salam all around the world.

February 01, 2013 — Jeff Jensen