Eulalio from Nicaragua lives in the community of Las Nubes, where he makes a living off of planting, growing, and selling corn. He has been involved in agriculture for over 30 years and started at a very young age. He chased the opportunity given to him at a young age and for this reason he has dedicated himself to a life of working on the countryside.

He is using the loan to pay for the regular agriculture expenses for corn. He has worked hard to provide for his household. He hopes to build a better way of living with his increased business.


Eulalio on the countryside

Thank you for all those who have become a part of the great mission of the Mission Belt Co! We are trying to offer people everywhere around the world a hand up, not a hand out. Eulalio is very grateful for the loan and is working hard to pay back the money that has been given to him. If you want to be a part of this great mission, purchase a belt and look good while supporting a great cause!

October 30, 2012 — Jeff Jensen