Joao Tene lives in Mozambique with his wife and five children, who all attend school. He wishes to expand his business by purchasing construction equipment (bricks, iron, sand, cement, etc.) to build a house. He needs the loan because he already has several financial responsibilities such as the high cost of construction, paying for his children's schooling, and taking care of his parent's food expenses.

His future plans include building a store so he can improve his monthly income and provide a more secure future for everyone that depends on him.


Joao Tene in his yard.

Joao Tene has already begun to pay back his loan and his been very thankful. He is getting closer to his future dreams and is continuing to work hard to reach them. Here at the Mission Belt Co we are proud to support great people like Joao Tene. If you want to support people like Joao Tene and get a great looking belt with no holes in the process, take a look at our best selling Black Mission Belt!

November 01, 2012 — Jeff Jensen