Have you ever put on a belt and felt like you needed a hole in between for the perfect fit? It happens all the time. Your traditional belt is made with holes in one-inch increments. The problem lies with the permanent holes. Not all of us are “standard” sizes. In fact, a very successful clothing chain came to be by filling the non-standard sizes and even named their successful company after what they called the “Gap” sizes.

Custom Fit Belts

Like the Gap, The Mission Belt solves the problem of too big and too small. Because Mission Belts have no holes and a unique buckle system you can adjust your belt down to the centimeter that is just right for you. No more do you have to settle for one-inch increments and ill-fitting belts thanks to The Mission Belt.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Not only do permanent traditional holed belts not make for the most comfortable and custom fitting experience, traditional holes also look bad after a short time of normal wear and tear. Just look at a traditional belt and you can automatically see the age of the belt. Because men often fluctuate several pounds in weight in an average month we find ourselves using different holes for different weeks. The changing of holes on a traditional belt stretches the holes and the buckles often damage the leather giving the belts a tired and used look. Not sharp. Because the Mission Belt uses a special hole free technology the belt shows practically no weathering or age. The Mission Belt looks as new as the day you bought it and you can change sizes without anyone being the wiser.

Be a Part of the Mission

The Mission Belt represents a new leap in men’s belts. They look great, fit perfect, and on top of everything, when you buy a Mission Belt you are also becoming a part of a great philanthropic effort. With the purchase of every Mission Belt you are helping hungry families become self-sufficient. Buy a Mission Belt and help a hungry family feed itself. It’s a neat concept and a great product. Out of a possible ten, we give The Mission Belt a twelve. There is just so much to like about The Mission Belt. Try one today and be a part of The Mission.

July 04, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts