Custom, when used as an adjective, means: made to personal order or tailored. That is what we are all looking for in our clothes. We want them to hug where they should and to be loose where we want the room. In the big box store world it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get a custom or tailored anything. It’s usually too big or too small and we just deal with it. When we do get that custom fit we wear the item like it was our only pair of clothes. This dilemma manifests itself most when it comes to our belts. Getting a custom fit belt requires a trip to Milan or Buenos Aires where hand crafted items and small shops still have the knowhow and history to deliver handcrafted custom fit belts.

As we all know, the problem with belts today is they come in whole inch sizes. For most of us that creates a problem if we are going for that perfect fit or custom fit. We change sizes from day to day and meal to meal and rarely are we an exact 34 or 36 etc. Most times we are in between sizes or even between the in between sizes. The worst part about that is the belt ends up being too tight (ouch) or too loose (embarrassing). And let’s not forget how lousy a belt looks after we’ve traded holes a few times. The belt starts looking like a prehistoric artifact full of scratches, stretch marks, and cracks. Bottom line: it’s uncomfortable, undistinguished, and unacceptable.

That is one of the great things about The Mission Belt. Not only does it look amazing, it has technology that delivers custom fit belts without having to search out the old world hidden shops and artisans. The Mission Belt uses no-holes ratchet technology so that every time you put on your Mission Belt you can get the very most comfortable and custom fit belt ever. You can actually adjust the size down to the millimeter as easily as slipping the belt on. It’s a revolution in belt design and comfort. Finally there is a belt that gives that custom fit and tailored finish to an item we all use every day. Custom fit belts are here at last.

November 14, 2014 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts