One of the cool parts about The Mission Belt is that it is really easy to size. A Lot of times when we buy things online the sizing is always guesswork. Every brand seems to have their own version of Small, Large, and Extra Large. Mission Belt feels the pain and made sizing super easy. Because of the no-holes technology we employ, you have at least six inches of possible sizes. So you don't have to worry about buying your belt online and getting the wrong size or an uncomfortable fit. So if you are a size 32 pant just order a size 32 Mission Belt. It will fit you at size 32 exactly but also size 32.2 or 31.8 or even if you lost some real pounds and went all the way down to a size 30. Your Mission Belt will still fit as well as it did when you were a 32 exactly. That is one of the cool bits about The Mission Belt. It delivers that custom fit and feel every time. In this observer's opinion one of the worst things in the world is a belt that is too tight or too loose. For us men that go up and down the slide of the belt or the click of the ratchet makes The Mission Belt the favorite go to belt in the closet. Buying belts online has never been easier. We love custom and that is exactly what you get with the no-holes Mission Belt. Custom fit and size every time. Check it out here at

July 23, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts