We're excited to share our new booth experience from the AGENDA Tradeshow in Long Beach this week. It's the premier annual Skate/Surf Streetstyle show in the world and we were honored to be invited to talk shop next to brands we've grown up loving. It was the culmination of a major team effort to share all of our current and upcoming products, broadcast the brand with a focus on our Mission, and highlight the personality of our company. As a result of our appearance, you'll soon see Mission Belt on more shelves in more retail stores! 

Mission Belt @ Agenda 2015

Mission Belt @ Agenda 2015 (1)

The Mission Table was our booth centerpiece and we're proud to introduce you to a number of the beneficiaries of our loans around the world with their pictures alongside the work they've been doing with these much-needed investments.


January 09, 2015 — Ivy Portwood