Mission Friends,

In this installment of “Buy a Belt, Feed a Family” we head over to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to learn more about Diep, a 58 yr. old mother of four. She has been working alongside her husband for the last 8 years by designing and printing advertisements that are then posted on advertising boards he makes. Diep has received two $725 loans which have given her the needed items to grow her business and help her reach greater financial stability. With the success of her first loan she was able to purchase a larger quantity of plastic, paper and other materials increasing her sales.

With her second loan she was able to build upon her first loan’s momentum and increase the size of her business to reach more customers. We are happy to report that Diep has paid back her interest free micro loans and is prospering. The loan she repaid can now be lent out to others seeking a hand up, not a hand out. Thank you all for being part of her success by being a part of the Mission.

We’re breaking the poverty cycle one belt at a time!

You can follow up on Diep’s story and learn about other people that have been funded by the Mission Belt family on the Kiva website.

The Mission Belt Co. – Breaking the poverty cycle one belt at a time.

Kiva is an easily accessible platform that helps connect hard working people with a hand up and a small loan. Because the loans are interest free and 98% of them are repaid, the $1 from your Mission Belt purchase could be used to help hundreds of people invest in their dreams and help end the poverty cycle. They really are small loans that change lives.

April 04, 2014 — Jeff Jensen