Valdet is from Kosovo and is currently single. His family over the years made their living through farming. Valdet's largest form of income comes from his one cow. He uses the cow to produce milk, cheese, and yogurt which he sells in his local community.

Mission Belt is loaning money which will allow him to buy another cow.. With the help of the loan, he will be able to sell more milk products. With two cows, he will be able to produce and sell more of his products. In turn this will allow him to live more comfortably and in the future be able to support a wife and children.

Here at we are proud to be helping people like Valdet. He is a man who is hard working and wants to provide for his future goals in life. This wouldn't be possible without the help of everyone who purchased a Mission Belt! Tell your friends and please continue to support the mission!

October 01, 2012 — Jeff Jensen