Anatoliy lives in Velikaya Znamenka which is in the southern region of Ukraine. In 2002, Anatoliy and his wife started their business selling plastic sheeting out of the back of a truck. They started to expand by selling seeds from a stall and were eventually able to rent a store space. Anatoliy now sells a number of agriculture needs including but not limited to: fertilizer, seeds, plastic sheeting for greenhouses, and equipment.

Because of the hard work of Anatoliy and his wife, they have been able to expand and have a popular store which now has regular clients. They are looking to continue what they have been doing and they want to expand even more in the near future.

Anatoliy has a degree in agriculture and a lot of experience. Because of this he knows what products and equipment are best for his clients and he wants to provide nothing but the best for his customers. The demand for his products are high, so this loan is going to buying high quality inventory before the beginning of the summer season.


Anatoliy in his store

Thank you to everyone who supports those like Anatoliy and his wife by purchasing a Mission Belt. We are always proud to help those who are hardworking and are looking to grow and expand. Anatoliy has already begun to repay some of his loan and is thankful for the assistance that he has received. Buy a Mission Belt and support a great cause!

October 16, 2012 — Jeff Jensen